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Any column can be filtered and multiple filters applied at once. Exact values should be a list separated by "+" (ie. "ANA+DET+NYR"). Ranges should use a '-' (ie. "5-15").
RK0 Saves10 Snap Sv20
SEASON1 Misses11 Snap MS21
STRENGTH2 Avg Dist12 Snap Dist22
NAME3 Sh%13 Snap Sh%23
POS4 Slap G14 Wrist G24
TEAM5 Slap Sv15 Wrist Sv25
Num6 Slap MS16 Wrist MS26
GP7 Slap Dist17 Wrist Dist27
TOI/608 Slap Sh%18 Wrist Sh%28
Goals9 Snap G19

In addition to filtering, any permutation of columns can be shown in the results.
Next to each column above is the field index; combine the field indexes with "+" to specify the display columns (ie. "0+3+0+1").
Avg Dist  
  RK SEASON NAME TEAM GP Goals Saves Misses Avg Dist Sh%
1 2012-2013 Season JASONCHIMERA WSH 47 3 87 19 32.1 2.8
2 2011-2012 Season JASONCHIMERA WSH 82 14 164 43 32.2 6.3