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On-Ice Penalties For per 60 Minutes

Team Penalties Drawn per 60 Minutes while Player was on the ice.

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RK0 GF On/6023 Pens Drawn/6046
SEASON1 GA On/6024 BF On/6047
STRENGTH2 +- On/6025 BA On/6048
NAME3 GF Off/6026 GF Off/6049
POS4 GA Off/6027 GA Off/6050
TEAM5 +- Off/6028 SF Off/6051
NUM6 Corsi Relative29 SA Off/6052
GP7 Corsi On30 MF Off/6053
TOI/608 Corsi Off31 MA Off/6054
TOF/609 On-Ice Sh%32 BF Off/6055
+- Rel10 On-Ice Sv%33 BA Off/6056
+- QoC11 PDO34 Off Faceoff Wins57
+- QoT12 GF On/6035 Off Faceoff Loss58
Corsi Rel QoC13 GA On/6036 Def Faceoff Wins59
Corsi QoC14 SF On/6037 Def Faceoff Loss60
Corsi Rel QoT15 SA On/6038 Neu Faceoff Wins61
Corsi QoT16 MF On/6039 Neu Faceoff Loss62
G/6017 MA On/6040 Off Zone Start %63
A1/6018 PF On/6041 Off Zone Finish64
A2/6019 PA On/6042 Def Zone Finish65
P/6020 PF Off/6043 Neu Zone Finish66
GF On21 PA Off/6044 Off Zone Finish %67
GA On22 Pens Taken/6045

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On-Ice Penalties For per 60 Minutes  
  SEASON NAME GP TOI/60 +- QoC +- QoT Corsi Rel QoC Corsi QoC G/60 A1/60 A2/60 P/60 GF On GA On GF On/60 GA On/60 +- On/60 On-Ice Sh% On-Ice Sv% PDO Corsi Relative Corsi On Corsi Off SF On/60 SA On/60 MF On/60 MA On/60 BF On/60 BA On/60 PF On/60 PA On/60 Pens Taken/60 Pens Drawn/60
2010-2011 Season JOHNCARLSON 82 17.10 0.056 0.145 1.088 0.570 0.26 0.34 0.51 1.11 67 45 2.87 1.93 0.94 9.40 929 1023 4.8 5.69 0.93 27.6 25.2 12.6 11.4 15.1 16.2 3.7 3.6 0.6 0.5